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What genre of music is used in the Listen and Learn PDG?

The L&L PDG incorporates a smooth, mellow, jazzy style of hip-hop instrumentals to the readings. Our team has geared their efforts to producing music that isn’t too loud, busy, or distracting which would prevent the learner from concentrating on the objective of listening and learning. In fact, we have focused on creating sounds that enhance the learning experience.


How long does each background instrumental play?

The instrumental tracks vary in length. They range anywhere between 7-12 minutes depending on how long the reading section is. The tracks are edited so that they end when sections and/or paragraphs do.


What if I don’t like the music?

There’s a chance that not all 29+ hours of music is going to land on your favorite song list, but we do believe that you’ll enjoy the music selection styles that range from R&B to Hip-Hop.  We have provided a wide sample variety that should help you determine if the Listen and Learn PDG is for you. The music you hear within the samples is the style of music used throughout the entire product. Take a listen!


Is this legal??

Absolutely! The only difference between the L&L PDG and the audio version the Air Force makes available for you is the music enhancement. Do yourself a huge favor though and don’t give anyone a chance to put you in a “test compromise” situation by sharing your copy of the L&L PDG with anyone else.





Useful Tips

- In conjunction with using the Listen and Learn PDG, we also suggest that you dust off your PDG (the actual book) and review the material you have just listened to. It helps you exercise your listening retention skills.

- Use the music to your advantage. Here’s something to think about…you actually know a song that you “hate” just as much as you a song you “love” (and sometimes even better). The reason is because you have to first listen [to] and learn that song to be able to hate it. With that, we say if there’s a particular track that you may not care for in the L&L PDG, use it to your advantage. So when you’re in that testing room staring down a question and trying to recall the music, you can say, “Hey...remember this from that song I didn’t like.”

It’s all about utilizing your memory and the music to your advantage!

FAQs & Tips

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*Note: This is the 2015 Study Material. 2017 Version coming soon.

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