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The Listen & Learn PDG project is an innovative and ground-breaking approach in enhancing memorization through association of music and spoken word. We all understand that the human brain absorbs data at an extraordinary pace, but the ability to trigger and pull from the memory banks (both immediate and delayed recall) is a process that has puzzled scientist and researchers for years. The Listen & Learn concept is geared to prepare you and train your recall through brain-based teaching methodologies, the emotional intelligence and into the realm of music in health. This process is similar to how we all can immediately sing a long "word-for-word" with a song that comes on the radio that we haven't heard for years; or even haven't heard since childhood. The Listen & Learn PDG uses spoken word audio over systematic music creating word-music association in helping the brain recall specific data.


Our product is based, in part, on research that suggest in the theory that background music is capable of affecting mood states, altering one's perception of time and space, reducing stress and anxiety, and aiding concentration and memorization. Music serves as an effective reinforcement, or mnemonic device, enhancing one's reception of new information as well as their ability to retain it. Listen & Learn PDG uses a clear and concise audio version of the Air Force Professional Development guide (PDG) along with original music produced and licensed through Gem N' Eyez Entertainment Group; all to provided and effective and proven method of study preparation for your next military promotion.


Listen & Learn PDG has shown to be a proven method of preparing for promotion tests. This innovative process has been the best way for many to retain and recall necessary information to not only prepare you for that next exam, but to make you a leader of the highest knowledge. Now let's go and make that next stripe!

More About The Listen & Learn PDG

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The Best New Way To Make Rank in Today's Air Force!

*Note: This is the 2015 Study Material. 2017 Version coming soon.

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