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The Best New Way To Make Rank in Today's Air Force!

Download it now for $19.95

*Note: This is the 2015 Study Material. 2017 Version coming soon.

About GemN'Eyez Entertainment

Established in 2004, Gem N' Eyez Entertainment provides services ranging from audio studio recording, event promotional services, design and distribution, and studio photography. 


The Spot Studios is the heart of our entertainment group. This fully capable, acoustic and digital studio provides professional recording using the very best recording and mastering tools on the markets today. Our resident audio technician has over 20 years experience;  covering music of multiple genres and mixing & mastering needs. The Listen and Learn PDG was recorded in The Spot Studios.


Listen and Learn military study enhancement: The L&L project is a ground-breaking method of promotion testing preparation for the US Air Force career-minded airmen. It uses music triggered-based memory recall theories by combining audio book-type reading with specially created music to triggers concentration, data association, and process recall.


These and many other current and future operations have made GNE a staple in both the entertainment and learning community; and the best is still yet to come!

Copyright 2014 Listen & Learn PDG

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