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Having a musical version of the PDG did it for me! By the time I was done studying, my daughter could recite what they were saying just from listening along with me! I made my rank by an extra ten points with help from this product.


Thanks for the stripe Listen & Learn PDG!!



                                                                        Emma Leigh Hicks

The Best New Way To Make Rank in Today's Air Force!

Download it now for $89.95

Download it now for $19.95

This is a great training aid! I like to be in a zone when I study. Studying to smooth music is the best way for me to ease anxiety and focus. I wish this product would have been available 10 years ago!

I would be a CMSgt by now....


                                                            Shanton Russell

Truthfully, this product is/was PRECISELY what I needed! I have a hard time focusing on the material when all you have is the verbal. Once I got the Listen & Learn PDG, I immediately noticed a difference in my study habits. I missed rank by 6 points the previous year without the Listen & Learn PDG;

the following year with the Listen & Learn PDG,

I made rank with 11 points to spare!




                                                                          Anray V. Fiers

Copyright 2014 Listen & Learn PDG

*Note: This is the 2015 Study Material. 2017 Version coming soon.

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